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Governor Vision

Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham’s is an Ofsted determined ‘good’ school and is well regarded in the local community - our Governing Body continues to build on and enhance this.

Our aim is to provide truly outstanding education that develops all our pupils into confident, well-rounded, caring young people who learn effectively and contribute to their communities and wider society. We strive to do this through the provision of outstanding teaching in a caring and supportive environment that gives every child the opportunity to achieve their academic, personal and social potential.

We will strive to ensure that:

  • every child’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is promoted with an emphasis on our Christian ethos and provide positive experiences through a wide range of academic, sports, arts and other cultural opportunities.
  • the distinctive Christian ethos of our school and its focus on Christian values is sustained, enabling our pupils to grow and develop in a loving caring community where the very best standards of conduct, moral purpose, integrity and concern for others are the norm.
  • the Governing body continues to develop, in order to provide more challenge, rigour and strategic support to the school.
  • we build on our sustainable and supportive links between Governors, School Staff, Parents and the wider community.
  • there is improvement in the pupils' year on year achievement levels and consistent progress.
  • the school is financially sound, making the best use of its income in ways which have a positive impact on the quality of teaching and learning, achievement, assessment and pupils’ experience.

The Structure and Role of the Governing Body

Our Governing Body is made up of members of the local community, clergy, parents and school staff  who work as a team on a voluntary basis to promote the well-being and  effectiveness of the school,  thereby enhancing teaching and learning and supporting the strategic leadership of the school. Raising educational standards in school is always a key priority.  Governors typically serve for four years and meet together at least 6 times per year.

Governors provide challenge and support to the Senior Leadership Team and hold the Headteacher to account for the achievement of the children. We make decisions together on matters such as performance, targets, school policies and the school development plan.We are responsible for admissions and recruitment. We ensure the school has effective policies in a wide range of areas such as safeguarding, health and safety, financial controls etc. We also monitor the impact of policies and oversee the school budget and staffing structure.

We try to be visible within school and play an active part in celebrating in the success of the children by supporting school activities and events.The Headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, day to day management and control of the school. We are not expected to be routinely involved in the day to day activity of the school. Our role is strategic to help every child reach their highest spiritual, personal and educational potential.

The Governors meet as a whole group twice a term.  Committees for Learning and Achievement, Resources (which includes Finance, Personnel & Buildings) and Admissions meet regularly and the minutes of their meetings are shared at the whole Governing Body meetings.

Becoming a School Governor?

The most important qualities for becoming a Governor at Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham’s are enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education. You don’t need teaching experience, but it’s useful to bring skills from other areas of your life. You will need to attend a Governors' meeting each half term. You will also be expected to join some sub-committees – these cover different areas like the curriculum, admissions, finance or buildings. You will need to be able to work well in a team, as you will be making joint decisions on policy.

Demands on your time depend partly on what’s going on in the school. As a Governor, you may need to contribute approximately eight to ten hours a month. 

When there’s a vacancy for a Parent Governor, the school will inform all parents and the wider community, so that everyone has  a chance to stand for election.  Even if there’s no vacancy at present, you  can talk to our current Chair of Governors by first contacting the School Office.

Before you put yourself forward, talk to your employer. Many employers recognise the role of school Governor as useful work experience and may offer paid leave for Governor duties.

Procedure for appointing a Parent Governor

 Mrs Helen Picton Ex Officio - Head
 Mrs Caroline Hopkins Elected Staff Governor
 Mrs Danielle Rogers Elected Parent Governor
 Mr Chris Howard Elected Parent Governor
 Revd Chris Davey Ex Officio - Foundation Governor
 Mrs Julie Clarke Diocesan Foundation Governor - Chair of Governors
Mrs Penny Akerman Diocesan Foundation Governor
Mr Nick Clare Local Authority Governor
Mr William Glasse  Diocesan Foundation Governor
Mrs Linda Lavery Diocesan Foundation Governor
Mrs Glenys Morgan

Diocesan Foundation Governor - Joint Vice Chair of Governors

Mr Alan Rabjohn Diocesan Foundation Governor - Joint Vice Chair of Governors
Mr Douglas Stroud Diocesan Foundation Governor
Mrs Lora Cann Associate Governor
Governors Details and Register of Interests 
Governor Attendance

Governor Biographies 

 Julie Clarke - Chair of Governors

I have been a School Governor and worked in schools, for many years, until my retirement in 2012. Having been appointed  Chair of Governors in September 2016 I am enjoying the challenges that this role brings. Finance is one of my passions and as a member of the finance committee I aim to ensure that our school funding is used to benefit the teaching and learning of all children who attend Sir Robert Hitcham’s.

 Revd Chris Davey - Rector of St Michael's Church

I have been in ordained ministry over 25 years and in that time have served on a number of Governing Bodies and Academy Board of Directors, both state and church schools. Having been a paediatric nurse before ordination I have worked with Children and young people a great deal over the years and think our youngsters deserve the best education possible so they have the widest opportunities in life. I firmly believe a Church School provides a unique ethos in which all our children can have a happy and fruitful school journey, growing in confidence and ability as they discover their full potential. I look forward to serving as a Governor at Robert Hitcham as the school continues to serve our community. 

  Glenys Morgan -   Joint Vice-Chair of Governors

I have been a part of life in Framlingham and St Michael's Church for over 40 years and have been involved in the education of its children for the majority of that time until my retirement.  I feel passionately that our children deserve the very best education and opportunities to develop and flourish so I was delighted to be proposed as a Foundation Governor by the Parochial Church Council.  It is a privilege to be a member of the Governing Body and be able to contribute to the continuing development of the school and its children.

  William Glasse

I have lived in Framlingham for 25 years and moved with the rest of my family to Suffolk in 1981, although I was at school here too. I am fortunate to travel quite widely in my work, which has taught me to love and respect the unique community and standard of living that this town offers; I cannot imagine home being anywhere else. I am actively involved in non-conformist church life in East Suffolk and I hope by supporting this school with my skills and experience I can be part of fostering that sense of a safe and caring community that will be as important to future generations as it is now. I believe firmly that our early education lays the foundations for what we become later and so it is critically important that our children’s first experiences of school are about more than just learning things for tests’ sake.

  Nick Clare

I moved to Framlingham in 2001, when my wife took a job in Suffolk.  I worked for Royal Mail for 23 years, latterly at Saxmundham, until retirement in 2015. I am a committee member of Framlingham Residents’ Association and a member of Framlingham Local History Society.  I volunteered to listen to readers at Robert Hitcham’s CEVAP school some time ago and have continued to do so since my retirement.  I was lucky enough to have had a very good education and believe that it is very important for children to have the best chance they can to do well.  I find it very rewarding to help them develop their reading skills.

  Alan Rabjohn  -   Joint Vice-Chair of Governors

Having spent a few years as a regular soldier in the British Army, when I saw Active Service in the jungles of Sarawak with a gurkha infantry brigade, I eventually settled down and became what I had always really wanted, which was to be a primary school teacher!  I absolutely loved teaching - and learning from - young people, and ended up as the headteacher of a well thought-of primary school in Cheshire. I retired from teaching back in the summer of 2004, after which my wife and I moved to North Yorkshire.  We became very much involved in the local church, where I was a churchwarden for eight years.  In 2017 we moved to live in Framlingham, to be closer to our two daughters’ families in Woodbridge and Framlingham, and of course to spend more time with our five young grandchildren.  I love sailing, having undertaken many long ocean passages on sailing ships, noteably a 6,000 mile passage around Cape Horn on a three-masted barque.  I very much look forward to supporting the school and its excellent headteacher in our common goal of improving the life chances of the children of Framlingham.

 Penny Akerman

My family moved to Saxtead in 1986 when a long association with Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham’s began.  Our own four children attended the school and in 1998, I became a member of the teaching staff, in the role of class teacher and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, until my retirement in July 2020.  I have a good understanding of the challenges and rewards which come with the privilege of working with our young learners and a particular interest in supporting those who struggle with literacy acquisition. Having assisted in the running of several school camps and witnessed the smiles on the children’s faces as they acquire new skills in a different environment, I fully endorse the benefits of outdoor activities and learning.  This is reflected in my hobbies which are mostly riding or sailing when a good book passes the time on long trips!  I welcome the opportunity to continue my involvement with the school in a voluntary capacity.

 Linda Lavery 

In 2012, my husband and I retired back to Suffolk, having taught in Ipswich early in our careers and subsequently in schools in Lancashire and Bedford.

Music is my great interest, both playing and choral singing, and has been a major part of my life in (and outside of) teaching.

Our local children all deserve a happy, secure environment in which to learn and to thrive. I am delighted  to have the opportunity to be associated with Sir Robert Hitcham’s School, and be part of its on-going development, support and encouragement to the children in its care

Douglas Stroud

I worked in industry for a few years before becoming a teacher.  I have taught in Surrey but worked in Suffolk for most of my career where I have taught in several different schools.  I was head teacher in a small village school and then established and led a large primary school in Kesgrave. Teaching and leading a school is such an important role. A parent's child is their most important possession and our job is to work together as governors, staff, parents and the community to do the very best we can for every pupil in the school. Although I have an all round interest in teaching and learning I have a particular interest in SEND and staff development.

Danielle Rogers 

My husband and I have lived locally all our lives and are delighted to see our daughter (currently in Reception) begin her journey at Sir Robert Hitcham’s. Having worked as a primary school teacher for several years, I hope as a Parent Governor, to be able to use my knowledge and experience to support the school and its pupils. I believe our children are entitled to learn in a rich and happy environment. I have a passion for supporting children’s learning through their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

 Chris Howard 

Having grown up in Framlingham, my wife and I returned to the area 11 years ago to raise our family. We have a daughter in Year 1. I have worked in the education sector for 17 years firstly with high schools and then the Local Authority. Currently I work for the local authority within the corporate parenting team. I have extensive safeguarding and social care knowledge which I hope to bring to the governing team. Previously I was a governor at a primary school in Ipswich for three years. I am passionate about safeguarding, SEND (specialist educational needs and disabilities) and inclusive practice within schools. Outside of work I enjoy running, cycling, traveling and spending time with my family. I am very much looking forward to supporting the school and parents to improve the outcomes for the children within the school.