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Clubs & Activities

The school offers a wide range of lunchtime and after-school clubs for the children.

Summer 2021 

We will be using to facilitate the majority of the clubs along with Mr Orton running a tennis club.  The following plan has been put in place for the summer term.

Year 6              (Class VWe/VWh)                  Multi-Sports    1st half            Thursdays

Year 6              (Class VWe/VWh)                  Basketball       2nd half          Thursdays

Year 4/5          (Class AJ/MV)                         Tennis*            all term          Tuesdays

Year 4/5          (Class AJ/MV)                         Multi-Sports    1st half            Fridays            

Year 3/4          (Class SBRH/KVJA)               Multi-Sports    2nd half           Fridays

Year 2              (Class LC/LH)                        Gymnastics      1st half          Fridays

Year 1              (Class KB/JT)                        Gymnastics      2nd half         Fridays

You can ONLY sign up to the club for your child’s bubble – do not try to sign up to other clubs, as your child will not be able to attend.

You can sign up to the Premier Education clubs directly through their website – there is a limit of 20 places per club.  BOOK HERE or call 01953 499040 or use the direct links above.

On the days your child is signed into a club they should come to school in PE kit (No school shoes needed).

Other Clubs (pre-Covid - which we hope to resume in future)

Reading Club

Chess Club

Cookery Club

Club News