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Clubs & Activities

The school offers a wide range of lunchtime and after-school clubs for the children.

Clubs are restricted to certain year groups, so please only sign up for those relevant to your child’s year.

On the days your child is signed into a Sports club they should bring their PE kit in a bag (unless it happens to be their class PE day & they can come in PE kit).

Clubs finish at 4.20pm - (except Cookery) - please collect children from the back entrance.

See this term's clubs list here.

Staff Run Clubs 

Afterschool clubs are signed up through a ParentMail form - usually sent at the end of the previous term.  There may be a small charge for some Afterschool clubs to cover for materials.

Children sign up for the lunchtime clubs directly with the teachers, so parents do not need to contact the school about these.

Science Club 2023

Church Club

The Sing Praise! club for Year 1-6  are escorted from school to the Church by the team from St Michael's who run this. Parents collect children from Church at 4.30pm

Outside Provider Clubs

These clubs are run by Premier Education except for Tennis which is run by Martin Orton - All clubs are booked and payable directly to the provider.   Contact information for booking:

You can ONLY sign up to the club for your child’s year group – please do not try to sign up to other clubs, as your child will not be able to attend. 

Club News