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ParentMail Communications & Payments  

Communicating with parents and carers is an important part of what we do.

We want to ensure you’re getting up-to-date information about activities, events and school news.

The online payment facility in ParentMail also ensures secure and efficient transactions for dinners, trips and more.

Click to access your ParentMail feed:  

Full Guidance notes for parents can be found here or see the individual sections below.

Free ParentMail App

If you have a smartphone, we would highly recommend you download the free ParentMail App

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School Dinner Money

Parents should pay online for school meals, electronically using credit or debit cards through ParentMail Payments. Your account balance will be changed each time you credit money or when your child is recorded for a school lunch at registration – so can change on a daily basis.

Please keep an eye on your balance to ensure there is enough credit to cover your child’s meals for the week.  You can load your dinner money account to cover as many meals as you like from a few days to a half-term or full term in advance.

All meals must be paid for in advance if there is no credit on your child’s account you must provide a packed lunch.  Payments will be carried over if a child is off ill or has to go home before 10.30am. After 10.30am, we are unable to cancel the meal or refund you the cost of the lunch.

Guidance instructions for topping up your child’s dinner account. 

Trips, chargeable School Clubs, Nursery Lunch Club or Guitar lessons

For Trips you will also be sent a ParentMail Form which you MUST respond to, giving permission and indicating how you will pay.  If there is a charge for the trip/club/guitar lessons, as long as you have your notifications set correctly, you should receive a notification to tell you the item is in the Payments section of ParentMail for you to pay.

Guidance instructions for paying for a trip, shop item or Friends Ticket

Items in the ‘Shop’ section - including tickets for Friends events

There are a few items that parents can order and pay for in the Shop section of the Payments system. The office will fulfil your order and the item will be given to your child to bring home.

In addition, Friends Raffle tickets and event tickets can be purchased here. Note that for events, you must also complete a separate form with additional information for the Friends.

Guidance instructions for paying for a trip, shop item or Friends Ticket

Setting Notifications

To make sure you get notifications that you have a new email or form, or if there is a payment item or your child’s dinner account is in arrears, it is important to ensure your notification settings are correct in ParentMail.

Guidance instructions are attached for correctly setting notifications. 

Booking Parents Evenings

Please ensure you have your notifications set correctly so that you receive emails informing you that bookings have opened for making your appointment to see the teacher.

The booking system is simple - just select your child's name and pick the day/time that you wish to see the teacher. This system works on a first come first served basis, so to get more choice of appointment days/times we recommend you book as soon as you get a notification.

General Info

Parents need to pay electronically using credit or debit cards, as we are a cashless office.  If you are unable to make payments online you can speak to the office.

ParentMail is a secure site and your information will be protected by their high-level security – for more information please see their website.  

Your bank statement will display either our school name or ParentMail, dependent on your payment method. 

If you’re experiencing problems with your ParentMail account, get help here.