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School Council

The school council plays an important part in the running of our school.

Pupils get the chance to put forward their views on a whole range of things that are integral to school life. 

In the past, the school council has been involved in:

  • the refurbishment of toilets
  • the formulation of playground behaviour agreements
  • assemblies
  • choosing charities to support
  • liaising with local councillors on community issues
  • interviewing candidates for the local church
  • purchase of play equipment

It is an ideal opportunity to introduce pupils from Reception to Year 6 to the idea that they can make a difference - and a very positive one. 

Pupils wishing to become a member of the school council put themselves forward for a class vote.  Each class will be represented on the council and meet on a regular basis with Mrs Hall.

The School councillors share the minutes from the meetings with their class, so they can provide feedback for the next meeting, and complete any agreed actions.


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