Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham's CEVA Primary School

Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham's CEVA Primary School and Nursery

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School Uniform

The school colours are maroon and grey


  • Maroon school sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo - please do not buy non-branded ones.
  • Grey trousers or shorts, skirt or pinafore
  • White shirt, blouse or polo shirt
  • White/Grey/Black socks or Grey/Black tights
  • Red and White small check summer dress   

Ordering Uniform                 

Click here to Order directly from the Supplier 

Please contact the school office for any uniform items/sizes that do not appear on the online suppliers website.

Delivery can be directly to you at home (for a delivery charge) or there is a regular (half-termly) delivery to school for a nominal £1 charge.

School Sweatshirts & School Cardigan

These are embroidered with the school logo and are available to order direct from the supplier - these are the only items of uniform that must be purchased from our supplier with the school logo on.

Please do not buy non-logo cardigans or sweatshirts from any other supplier - thank you.           


Children should wear shoes, preferably in black, which are both comfortable and practical.

We allow the children to wear sandals in summer, in school-appropriate colours. They must have an ankle strap and be worn with socks. We do not allow flip-flops or Crocs.

Any footwear that covers the ankle (e.g. boots or trainers) should not be worn.                    


Key Stage 1 & Foundation:  

Black shorts, white T-shirt, black plimsolls. 

Key Stage 2 - indoor games           

Black shorts and House-coloured T-shirt, black plimsolls

Key Stage 2 - Outdoor games

House-coloured hoodies with plain dark joggers can be worn in cold weather, trainers,  football boots and shin-guards are required for football, rugby and hockey clubs.          

House-coloured PE items (with House name printed on the back) should be purchased from our supplier.    


Swimming trunks or one-piece costume (no 2 piece costumes), swimming cap, towel. Please wear flip-flops to walk to the poolside. 

DT / Art

Children should wear a painting shirt (kept at school in their named PE bag) to protect their clothing during art and craft lessons.

Jewellery, Nail Varnish, Make-Up

The only jewellery allowed is stud earrings.  Your child will be asked to remove earrings for PE and swimming.  Children will also be required to remove watches before games lessons.

Children should not wear nail-varnish or make-up in school. Children will be asked to remove any nail-varnish using an acetone nail-varnish remover (kept at the office) and will be asked to wash off any makeup.

Sun hats and sun cream

We recommend that you apply suncream to your child's arms, legs, face and neck during the summer months, and also provide your child with a named hat.. 

Long hair

Children should tie back their long hair when they are in school (using school appropriate hair accessories). This helps to keep hair out of their eyes when working and taking part in PE.

Please remember to label every item of clothing (and other possessions)with the name of your child.

Valuables and Mobile Phones
Remember not to bring valuable items in to school.  If your child needs to have a mobile phone with them for their journey to or from school then they should sign it in at the office at the start of the day and collect it at the end.  
We do not allow children to keep a mobile phone with them during school.            PLEASE NOTE: Mobile phones signed in at the school office are left at parent's risk and the school cannot be held liable for these items.